About Le Plan

Le Plan is an independent label based in New York. Launched in 2008, Le Plan hopes to unveil musical talents from around the world without any genre restriction. Our artists come from Jazz (Caravan Palace), Hip-Hop (Wax Tailor) or Pop (Jay-Jay Johanson), but all have in common a home-studio based ethic and a love for DJ Culture.

The name of the label comes from the Umberto Eco book “Foucault’s Pendulum”.



Caravan Palace

Electronic / Dance
Caravan Palace is a decadent, potent cocktail of jazz manouche, hip-hop, jive, house and beats that defies simple categorization.

Joon Moon

Joon Moon is a Franco-American band featuring Krystle Warren, Julien Decoret and Raphael Chassin

Wax Tailor

Hip-Hop, Electronic
Wax Tailor established his reputation in just a few years as one of the leading voices of the post hip-hop and downtempo scenes.

Jay-Jay Johanson

Pop, electronic
Jay-Jay Johanson is a Swedish singer-songwriter, known for his melancholic vocals laid over quirky downtempo electronic beats.

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