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      With fans reaching all over the earth (and one in outer space), Caravan Palace have hardly taken a break since the release of their genre-defying 2015 album <I°_°I>. The Parisian band have toured the world relentlessly and are coming back to the US in July for another series of sold out concerts.

      Even with the band’s non-stop global touring, they have somehow found time to enter their Paris based studio to record their unique version of ‘Black Betty’.

      The single, released May 26th 2017, is a fan favourite at concerts, and demand for it to be released has been erce through social media. An instant body-mover, the track was performed on British TV for ‘Jools’ Annual Hootenanny 2016/17’ on BBC 2 and subsequently hit #9 in YouTube’s global viral chart. Fans will be able to purchase or stream the track for the first time.

      Close to racking up 150 million streams on their YouTube Channel (with ‘Lone Digger’ accounting for over 70 million of those views), and with almost 500,000 YouTube subscribers, the house pioneers are undeniably one of the most attention grabbing global dance acts at the moment.

      “Melding 1920s swing with electronica to hugely danceable effect” The Independent

      Download / Stream the single here.


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      The long awaited version of Caravan Palace’s album is now available on LP. You can order it on our Store….

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