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    The Penelopes “Priceless Concrete Echoes”


    01 – Stuck in Lalaland (feat. Morpheus)
    02 – Demian (feat. Dierdre)
    03 – Licked by Love (feat. Morpheus)
    04 – Circle of Seasons
    05 – Saved (feat. Morpheus & Malka Spigel) 06 – Joey Santiago
    07 – Sabotage (Beastie Boys Cover)
    08 – Long Black Fly (feat. Morpheus)
    09 – The Heat goes on (feat. Morpheus)
    10 – Concrete
    11 – Your plan for Happines
    12 – Stuck In Lalalan (Nouvelle Vague feat. Elli Medeiros Version)
    13 – Gut Feeling (Devo Cover)

    All formats come with a 256kps MP3 download.
    Release Date: August 18, 2009


    Product Description

    French indie electronic duo The Penelope[s] mix a distinctly pop sensibility that draws on indie rock from the early 90’s with elements of synth-pop and early House that appeal to home listeners as well as club kids.
    Aftyer a couple of singles on International Deejay Gigolo, The Penelope[s] released their first album The Arrogance of Simplicity in 2006 to critical acclaim and the band were elected as one of the 5 Best New Artists of the year by the readers of Trax Magazine, France’s DJ culture bible.
    Priceless Concrete Echoes is their first US release. A mix of Shoegazing, New York Disco, Punk and Funk, the album is produced by Black Strobe’s Arnaud Rebotini. Soaring through nostalgic hints of The Cars or New Order (Licked by Love) or Ride (The Heat Goes On), the album remains dominated by the instincts of the European rave scene. The bass is often slapped, the hi-hats are mixed up-front, and The Penelope[s] are not afraid to shine a light on the disco ball (Stuck in Lalaland), pay homage to the simple hedonism of the early rave movement (Your Plan For Happiness) or cover The Beastie BoysSabotage with joyful abandon.

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