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    Wax Tailor “Dusty Rainbow From The Dark”


    CD1 / LP / Digital tracklisting

    1. Exordium
    2. Dusty Rainbow (feat. Charlotte Savary)
    3. Like An Hourglass
    4. Only Once (feat. Ali Harter)
    5. Heart Stop (feat. Jennifer Charles)
    6. Something Began To Glow
    7. No
    8. A Stop Motion Bloom
    9. The Sound (feat. Mattic)
    10. In The Mirror
    11. Past, Present & Future (Rock ‘n’ Roll)
    12. Not Alone
    13. Down In Flames (feat. Sara Genn)
    14. Time To Go (feat. Aloe Blacc)
    15. Magic Numbers (feat. A.S.M & Mattic)
    16. No Regret (feat. Shana Halligan)
    17. Phonovisions
    18. Into The Sky
    19. My Window (feat. Elzhi & Akua)
    20. From The Dark
    21. Heart Stop (feat. Jennifer Charles) [Radio Edit]
    22. Time To Go (feat. Aloe Blacc) [Radio Edit]

    CD2 Bonus Instrumental

    1. Exordium (Instrumental)
    2. Dusty Rainbow (Instrumental)
    3. Like An Hourglass (Instrumental)
    4. Only Once (Instrumental)
    5. Heart Stop (Instrumental)
    6. No (Instrumental)
    7. A Stop Motion Bloom (Instrumental)
    8. The Sound (Instrumental)
    9. In The Mirror (Instrumental)
    10. Past, Present & Future (Instrumental)
    11. Not Alone (Instrumental)
    12. Down In Flames (Instrumental)
    13. Time To Go (Instrumental)
    14. Magic Numbers (Instrumental)
    15. No Regret (Instrumental)
    16. Phonovisions (Instrumental)
    17. Into The Sky (Instrumental)
    18. My Window (Instrumental)
    19. From The Dark (Instrumental)

    The CD is a Digisleeve with 2 CD’s, including the instrumental version of the album, while the LP is a gatefold 2xLP with printed inner sleeves. All formats come with an instand download 256kps MP3 version of the album.

    Release Date: September 18, 2012


    Product Description

    The idea behind this album came forth in 2006, while JC Le Saoût, the producer behind the Wax Tailor moniker, was putting the finishing touches on his second album. The concept was tinkered with during four years, and at the start of 2010, JC decided to give it form through a three step process: musical composition, writing the story and casting the album.

    For the composition, the key step was to go back to sampling. Having worked extensively with studio musicians for his last two albums, and touring with a symphonic orchestra for part of 2011, Wax Tailor made the decision to go back to his roots and work exclusively with samples to craft the music on this album. However, the method of sampling involved on Dusty Rainbows From The Dark is unique in that the goal was not to replicate loops, but rather to gather textures and rework them to create new instruments. Each texture found wandering the grooves of countless phonograms was then reworked to become an individual note. These notes where then programmed to give him a palette of various instruments, which are then used to compose melodies. Both vintage in it’s feel and very modern in it’s creative process, this first step took nine months.
    During the fall of 2011, Wax Tailor developed the musical score of his new album. He then relocated to New York to work with singer-songwriter Sara Genn, to pen the plot of the album. Using the music as inspiration, they would draft the story that runs throughout Dusty Rainbow From the Dark.

    At the start of 2012, the final production stage of the album began. The first order was to find a narrator, a role which was taken by the legendary voice of Don McCorkindale, best known for his work on the serialized radio version of The Avengers, on the BBC. Simultaneously, Wax Tailor casted the guests that would appear on the album, drawing from familiar collaborators such as Charlotte Savary or Mattic as well as new voices like Aloe Blacc or Jennifer Charles. Finally, reknowned children book Illustator Rebecca Dautremer came on board to create the art that would accompany the story and offer her vision of the main protagonist.


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